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Meetings that work for you

  • Put facts on the agenda: Easily add OKRs, metrics, workstreams, files and action items to the topics for discussion. If this is a recurring meeting, you can view and add actions captured in prior meetings for easy followup.
  • Tie the meeting to a workstream: If you're meeting on a specific project or initiative, link the meeting to that project's workstream. Any actionable takeaways you capture during the meeting will be automatically added to that workstream for easy followup.
  • Project the agenda smoothly: Topics and takeaways are side by side so it's easy to map decisions to agenda items. Use the track-along feature to highlight the topic you're discussing and it will be highlighted for everyone!  
  • Take real notes:  Capture paragraphs on a single topic; when the minutes are published, the notes and takeaways will be nested right under the topic
  • Meet now:  Need to take notes impromptu or memorialize a discussion on the fly?  Start a solo meeting in one click; add people if you want.   
  • Chat to schedule and build agendas right from Slack or Microsoft Teams: Check your calendar, set and plan meetings, invite people and more. You can even ask WoBot to check several people's calendars and build your agenda, all in Slack or Microsoft Teams.   
  • Create recurring agendas for recurring meetings:  If you have a meeting protocol or topic list for a particular meeting, create it once and use for all recurring meetings.

Get the right things on the agenda

Everyone invited to the meeting can contribute to the agenda so when it is time to meet, the agenda includes all the topics and items that need the team's attention.  Add topics from Slack or Microsoft Teams using WoBot or from within the meeting.

Add free form topics fast by typing and pressing return.  Use the quick buttons above the meeting agenda to add objectives, key results, workstreams, files and action items (including action items from previous meetings).  The latest facts on these items will be displayed in the meeting, even if someone updated a result in the elevator on their way to the meeting.  During the meeting, you can click into the detail on results, projects and actions.   

Drag items on the agenda to the order you want to discuss them.  

Click the grey bullet to select a smart bullet to flag items as risks, ideas and decisions.

Hover over a topic and click the kebab (three dot) icon to delete the item, move it to another meeting or make it a takeaway.  

To set up an agenda that will recur in a series of meetings, create the agenda, then go to the kebab menu at the upper right of the meeting page and select Add topics to all recurring meetings


Take good notes on discussion topics

Notes and takeaways appear beside the agenda topic. Take long notes easily -- as you type, the notes field will expand, so you can be as expansive as you want.  When your note is complete, click outside the takeaway field or press ctrl-s (PC) or command-s (Mac) to save it. 

Turn takeaways from the meeting to action items.   To create an action item for yourself, hover over the takeaway, click the kebab (3 dots) menu icon, and select Convert to action item. To assign an action to someone else, simply type @username as you enter the takeaway, then select their name from the dropdown list that appears -- the action will be created and assigned to them.  If you've linked the meeting to a workstream, the action item will automatically be placed into that workstream. Click the action item to open the detail popup and set a specific due date, confidence rating and priority level.   

Set the meeting timer to keep the discussion on track.  On your team meeting dashboard, you'll see stats on how much time you and your team spend in meetings (can it really be that much?).

To end the meeting and send out minutes to attendees, click the Close button.  You can send the minutes to people who didn't attend from the kebab menu; of course all invitees have the full agenda of all meetings in the Workboard app on mobile and Web. 


Schedule meetings where you'll use Workboard agendas

Before we do that ... Integrate your calendar and Workboard!  That way you'll have the time blocked off and a great meeting agenda.  Once you integrate, you can use WoBot, our Slack and Microsoft Teams chatbot, to check calendars, schedule, reschedule and put topics on the agenda.

To plan a meeting, hover over the Meetings menu button and click Plan meeting.  Select a time and place to meet and invite the right people.   

Use Meet now for impromptu note taking or to memorialize a meeting on the fly.


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