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Use categories to group related objectives from across the organization in groupings that help you filter and cut immediately to a specific subset relevant to your business needs (ex. Verticals, Strategic Pillars, Product Offerings, etc.) for easy search and reporting capabilities 

Categories are labels that are configured at the organization level by an organization admin *, and can be added to team or individual objectives at any time. There are no limits to the number of categories you can add for your organization, and a single objective can belong to as many categories as you need.

Add Categories to an OKR

Add categories when creating or editing an individual or team objective by clicking the "Category" field in the left column of the OKR wizard.


Search by Category

To view all the objectives belonging to a specific category, go to Objectives and then Heatmap. Using the filters above the Heatmap, select the category you would like to cut to from the drop down, and then click Show to filter your view to only show objectives that belong to a specific category.


Publish Easy Reports on a Category of OKRs

Run a quick report on any group of objectives using categories. Once your objectives are associated with a category, you are seconds aways from an executive ready report you can view or share on objectives belonging to any category.

On the Heatmap page, click the hamburger icon hamburger_icon.png on the upper right corner of the page and begin typing in the category name to select from dropdown. Choose which data you want included in the report (ex. Key Results, Workstream Summary, etc.) and select Preview to view, email or print your report. 

If you have your Slack integration set up, you can also Slack the report via Slack to a specific teammate or even a team channel.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-12_at_3.49.56_PM.pngCreating Categories for your Organization

Users with Admin privileges can create categories for the organization using the Administrator tools. To Add new categories, navigate to the Administrator tools, and select Org Configuration to add new objective categories. 

Please contact us with questions regarding admin privileges for your organizations.Screen_Shot_2018-04-18_at_3.00.34_PM.png


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