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Share Business Review Dashboards

If you are an Enterprise customer, create a team, product or market segment dashboard in a few clicks, either for yourself or to share with your group or the entire organization. Crowdsource dashboard contents by inviting other people to link their KPIs, key results, and project status to the shared business review.

Add charts to your Running Business Reviews to compare results over time. Include up to 5 metrics per chart to compare product, sales, business or team performance; save time by sharing your RBR dashboards with colleagues instead of building powerpoint reports.


To create a new Running Business Review dashboard, hover your mouse over the "Biz Review" icon in the top navigation and click the "Add RBR" button. (If you don't see a "Biz Review" icon, visit your Preferences to enable Running Business Reviews for your account).

To share your dashboard, click the kebab (three-dot) menu icon in the upper right and select "Share". Give individuals View or Edit access, or share with the entire organization with one click.


Watch this excerpt from our November Community Call for more information:

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