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Publish organization OKRs

Publish a selection of OKRs from across the organization to Slack, email or print (note: you must have permission to view the OKR in order to publish it).

  1. Click the Objectives icon in the top navigation, then click the Heatmap link in the side pane
  2. Click the kebab (three dot) menu icon at the upper right of the page and select Publish
  3. Search for the OKRs you want to include by owner, team, category, or OKR name
  4. Select the amount of detail you want to include in the report -- key results, a workstream summary, aligned objectives, and comments. You can also choose to publish a full alignment report, showing all aligned OKRs up and down the chain.
  5. Click Preview
  6. Click the icons in the upper right of the Preview screen to publish to Slack, email or print.


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