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Basic count or percentage key results

Once you’ve set your objective, it’s time to create key results. The default type of result is a Basic Count or Percentage. Use this type for key results where the data will come from one person.  For example, Sales Revenue (from Jorge)Number of developers hired (from Alice) or Completion of the IT infrastructure overhaul (from Percy).

When setting up a key result using basic count or percentage, first decide what you will be measuring. Type your key result into the field and press enter.


Set start and target values, and decide whether the key result will be measured as a number, currency or percentage.

By default, the new result will be assigned to you. Delegate it to another team member -- search for them by name. WorkBoard will notify your team member that they are now responsible for updating this key result. 

Select the interval at which you want the key result to be updated: every day, every week, every month or on a quarterly basis.


At this point, you can click Save. Your KR progress will reflect the latest value each time the result is updated, and you’ll get a trendline graph to show your incremental progress over the quarter.

Alternatively, click the "More options" link to adjust the progress calculation further.


On the side panel, choose whether your target value should be higher or lower than the starting value, or if success means exactly maintaining your target number or falling within a range.

Choose how you want to calculate and present the progress against your target.

  • By default, your key result will calculate progress based on your Last entered value, and the key result graph will show a trendline to track that progress over time.

  • If you want to total all your updates to calculate and display how far along you are, select Total of all entered values. For example, if your key result is Migrate 20 apps to the cloud, you can record 3 migrations in the first week, and 2 in the next week, the total progress will be 5.

  • Select Average of all entered values when you want progress to be calculated as the average of your updates (including your starting value). For example, if your key result is Average response time to customers, you can measure weekly, and see the average for the quarter.
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