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Key Results from JIRA

Once you have created an objective, you can create a key result that pulls data from your JIRA. You can use the native JIRA integration from the OKR wizard to automatically update your key result based on the completion of issues in your JIRA project or workflows.

Note: If you have an on premise instance of JIRA, you can pull data from your JIRA instance using the steps below if your organization allows that data to be exposed outside your firewall or exposed to the internet.

If your organization’s security policies do not allow your JIRA data to be exposed outside of your firewall, or if multiple users need to use the same data for their key results or KPI charts over several quarters, your developers can create a single integration for the entire organization by using our JIRA connector to feed data into a Workboard data stream.

Steps to Create a Key Result from JIRA

To create a key result sourced from JIRA, click on Advanced Options. You will find the JIRA integration under KPI catalogue or integrations.

To create your first key result sourced from JIRA, you will be asked to provide your JIRA URL, username and password to authenticate your your account.

Once you are authenticated, you can select between creating a key result using the basic option to measure percentage of completed issues within specific projects or choose to measure progress with custom queries using the Advanced JQL Query option.

Basic Percentage of Complete Issues

Select one or more projects and automatically pull completion of JIRA issues to calculate your key result progress. If you would like, you can also select to pull only issues from active sprints in your projects. Your result will automatically update every 6 hours.

Advanced JQL Query

Using the advanced JQL Query option, you can define a query to dynamically pull any set of issues from JIRA, and define which subset of those issues are considered done in your particular workflow.

In the first field, you should pull all issues that the team needs to complete that you would like to track.

ex. Project = K2-Web AND sprint = 42

The second field should be a subset of the first set and represent the specific issues that you consider completed in the larger set.

ex. Project = K2-Web AND sprint = 42 AND Resolution = Done


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