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Workboard offers several different types of Board to help you manage execution of strategic initiatives. There are three basic types: Workstream boards,  Superboards, and Text and Image boards.

Workstream Boards

Workstream boards let you visualize and quickly manage your team's work for a specific project or initiative, with individual action items organized into columns. When you add a new workstream, choose whether it should include a Completion Flow Board, or Create Your Own.


Completion Flow Boards

Use Completion Flow Boards to easily manage projects from start to completion. The four columns included on Completion Flow Boards correspond to action item statuses (Paused, Next, Doing, and Done). However, you can customize the column names to reflect your own team's workflow; for instance, a software development team might use Backlog, Planning, In Progress, and Done. Drag-and-drop action items between columns to instantly change their status, or within the same column to indicate higher-priority items. Click on individual actions to make comments or updates.

If you later decide you need additional columns and automation options, you can convert your board into a Custom "Create Your Own" board. Click the kebab menu icon in the upper right and select "Board Themes", then click the "Convert board to a custom board" checkbox. (Note that this conversion cannot be undone).


Custom "Create Your Own" Boards

Organize your team's action items any way you want when you create your own board. For instance, a development team can manage a product roadmap with columns for each quarter, while a sales team could  track relationships with multiple key clients using a column for each customer. Include as many columns as you need, reorder columns anytime, and group related tasks into columns regardless of their status. As with Completion Flow Boards, you can drag-and-drop action items between columns, or to sort actions within individual columns, and click on individual actions to update them. You can also add automations to automatically change owners, status, priority and more each time an action item is dropped into a column.



Create a dashboard of multiple workstreams or projects with a "Superboard" – a board that displays high level status information and attributes for other component workstream boards instead of individual action items. For instance, if your customer success team has set up workstreams for each of your customers, you can create a superboard with each of the workstreams in columns indicating their overall health. 


To create a Superboard, click the Boards icon in the main navigation, then click "Add Visual Board" on the side menu pane. On the popup, select the "Workstreams" radio button.Screen_Shot_2018-09-14_at_2.35.55_PM.png

Text and Image Boards

To create a Text and Image board, click the Boards icon in the main navigation, then click "Add Visual Board" on the side menu pane. On the popup, select the "Text and Image" radio button.


Click the Timeline button to see a Gantt chart of your team's actions across time and manage each team member's capacity and workload. Click each person's name to highlight their actions on the board, and click on an individual bar on the chart to open that action's detail view. Adjust start and end dates for individual actions by dragging the endpoints on each bar.


Board Filters

Use the Filters to highlight your own actions on the board, or to show or hide action items. Filter by priority, confidence rating, owner, or tag -- on your custom boards you can also filter by action item status. Shorten the "Done" list by filtering out actions that were completed more than a set number of days ago.


Board Themes

To customize your board, click the kebab menu icon in the upper right and select Board Themes. Choose a different background color or image for your board; if you are using a Completion Flow Board, you can also change column names or hide columns.


Setting Your Default Workstream View

The board view is the default for each workstream. However, if you prefer to use the list view, go to your Preferences and choose List under "Workstream View Preferences."


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