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Roll up objectives

Roll up objectives to easily derive top-level business unit objectives from one or more child objectives. Use a roll up objective to automatically calculate progress based on objectives owned by ​your e-staff​. The detail view on the top-level objective will show the current status of each ​child objective, and you can click into each one to see individual key result details.

For example, a VP of Sales might create a roll-up objective called Global Q1 Sales, which is sourced from objectives owned by regional sales directors (such as Blow out EMEA Sales Numbers in Q1! and Q1 Sales - NA). The VP can quickly see the progress of each region from a single objective, and click into each region for more information or to address risks.

When creating a roll up objective, choose whether you would like to dynamically get progress from any objectives that you select as dependencies on the third screen of the OKR wizard, or if you would like to select specific objectives to roll up.

Give your objective a name, and set a progress target (progress for a roll up objective is calculated as an average of the progress of the child objectives).

If you decided to roll up specific objectives, type the first few letters of their names in the search box and click on them to select them.


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