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Roll up objectives

Key results that roll up objectives to easily derive top-level business unit objectives from one or more lower level objectives. Rolling up objectives will allow you to automatically pull in the progress and breakdown of results from other objectives.

For example, a VP of Sales might create a roll-up objective called Global Q1 Sales, which is sourced from objectives owned by regional sales directors (such as Blow out EMEA Sales Numbers in Q1! and Q1 Sales - NA). The VP of Sales can quickly see the progress of each region from a single objective, and click into each region for more information or to address risks.

Steps to Create a an Objective Roll Up Key Result 

To create a key result sourced from another objective, click on Advanced Options while creating your key result and select the data source to be other key results or objectives.Name your key result and search for specific objectives to roll up. You can search for objectives by objective name, team name of the name of their owner.

The progress of your key result will be 100% by default, however, you may change the target if you are looking for a lower threshold.



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