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Workboard Glossary

As you're getting started on Workboard, there are some common terms that are handy for you to know. Here's an overview:

Action Item - a task either created by you or assigned to you by a team member. Action items are organized into workstreams.

Kebab Menu - A contextual menu for pages and individual items, found in the upper right corner of many pages in the app, and on the right side of each row in list views. The kebab menu icon looks like three dots in a vertical line.  Use the page-level kebab menu to print workstreams or objectives, add team members, edit workstreams, and more. Use the kebab menu on individual items to add action items and objectives to meeting agendas, ping action item owners for status, give action item or objective owners a badge, and more.

Key Result - A quantifiable metric that we use to measure success on an objective so we know when we can declare victory. Key results are usually updated with numbers or percentage values.

Objective - An aspirational statement that captures the mission and intent of the team. An objective is what we want to achieve and why it matters. The big idea for the quarter, meant to inspire and motivate.

Running Business Review (aka RBR, Biz Review) - A customizable dashboard where you can view all the objectives, key results, workstreams,  and at-risk items that are most important to you, all in one place.

Velocity / VQ - A measure of the time and resources needed to achieve results.  High achievement in less time with fewer resources = high velocity.

Workstream - A body of work or project that drives results. There are two types of workstream: personal workstreams are private and can be used for your own action items, while team workstreams are shared with other members of your team.

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