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Introducing WoBot!

WoBot_Comm.pngIf you're a Slack or Microsoft Teams user, you're in luck! With WoBot, you now have your own personal chief of staff who can anticipate what you need to accomplish, knows what needs your attention, and covers your back on the details. WoBot can grab and update your objectives, key results, workstreams and action items and meetings for you — all at the speed of chat.

To get started, enable Slack or Microsoft Teams integration on your Workboard account. You'll get a success message showing you that WoBot is now enabled for your team:


Now, when you go to Slack or Teams, you can start a direct message channel with Workboard (@wobot). View your objectives, update your key results, check your to-do list for today, and more.


Get the Big Picture

Ask WoBot how you're doing... it will compile a quick overview of your OKRs, workstreams and action items and let you know where you can best spend your time. Drill down to specific teams, workstreams or action items to make updates or ping other team members for status.

If you want to focus on potential trouble areas, ask WoBot to show you your risks. You'll get a list of objectives, key results or action items that are at risk — with a click you can update KRs, get a full progress history, or view the item in Workboard.

Suggested conversation starters:

"What are my risks?"
"What's in my hotbox?" (if you've enabled your Running Business Review)
"How am I doing today?"
"How is [Person] doing today?"

View and Update Progress

To see what you need to get done today, ask WoBot to get your action items — you can mark tasks done or put them off until tomorrow. You can also view or add comments or sub action items.

Ask WoBot for your OKRs, or those belonging to your teams, to get a quick view of progress. You can update key results, add them to your watchlist, ping team members for their input, or reward your team's progress towards objectives with a fun badge.

Get insight into team projects by asking WoBot how workstreams are progressing. With one click you can update workstream health or pace, or add it to your Running Business Review.

Here are some conversation starters:

Objectives "Can I see my OKRs?"
"Can I see my team objectives?"
"Can I see my objectives from [team name]"
"How is [Person] doing on objectives?"
"How am I doing on objectives?"
Key Results "Can I see my results?"
"Can I update my KRs?"
Team Work "Get my workstreams"
"How am I doing on [Workstream Name] workstream?"
"How is [Team Name] doing?"
"Can I see [Team Name] workstreams?"
Action Items

"Can I see my action items?"
"Can I see my red action items?"
"How am I doing on my tasks?"
"What are my action items due today?"
"Get my top priority action items"
"Get my sub action items"
"How is [Person] doing on action items?"



Add action items

Ask WoBot to create an action item for you: you'll be able to add notes, move it to a shared workstream, and delegate it to a team member.

Conversation starters:

"Can I add an action item?"
"Add an action item for [Person]"
"Add ai [action item name]"
"New task [action item name]"
"Add task [action item name]"
"create task [action item name]"

Set the due date for the action items you create by telling WoBot to mark it for tomorrow, Monday, or mark it for a specific date (ex. Aug 30th)!

Schedule and plan meetings and 1on1s

Ask WoBot to help you schedule and reschedule meetings, invite attendees, build agendas and more. WoBot can even grab your Outlook or Google calendar and sync existing meetings to Workboard. Learn more.

Conversation starters:

"Get my meetings for tomorrow"
"Get my meetings with John, Rafa, Amanda"
"Schedule a meeting with Roger at 5:00 pm today"
"Create a 1on1 meeting with Sam"
"Show my Outlook Calendar"

Send Badges

WoBot loves to help you reward your team members for great work! They'll get their new badges in both Slack and Workboard, and WoBot can even help them send a quick "Thank you" right from Slack.

Conversation starter: "Send a badge to [Person]"

Have fun!

WoBot likes to share wisdom, but can also let its hair down and make you smile. Ask for some inspiration or a joke!

Quick disclaimer: WoBot is continually building its skills and fluency. However, sometimes it may not understand and give up on you — though we hope you won't give up on it ;). If you notice odd behavior, tell WoBot you'd like to "send feedback"... we'd love to get your suggestions!

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