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Cascade key results through the organization

If you are setting up your objectives and key results, and want your team members to incorporate the same key results into their own objectives, Cascade a Result to your team members. With just a couple of clicks, they will be able to set up an objective of their own with a pre-set key result that will automatically update your own. 


When you create your objective, select Cascade a Result. Select one or more team members from whom you want to source the data for your result, then set a target and how often you want to get updates. Choose to calculate your own result either as the sum of your team members' updates, or an average value. Finally, add a message you'd like to send to your team members, defining your expectations.


Once you save the result, your team members will be notified by email and with a note on the Results I Contribute tab of their My OKRs page. With one click they can create an objective that is pre-set to align up to your own, and with a second click, they can create a key result with the prefilled target value and update frequency you set. You can see which team members have completed this process on your key result's edit screen.

Your team members can choose whether to update the result themselves, or to cascade the result again to their own team. In this way, you can quickly cascade a result through several levels of your organization.

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