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Update key results and metrics

Steady progress on key results is the best way to achieve great results!  It's hard to reach great outcomes when you "set and forget" until the end of the quarter or period.  As you update results throughout the period, Workboard automatically charts the progress which shows the trend and trajectory and helps others on the team follow along -- and that can save you from PowerPoint updates and meetings.

Adding comments or a narrative with your updates is a best practice.  It is a great way to capture and share facts, to remember what contributed to progress "spikes and valleys" and to answer the same "what happened" question from multiple people.Screen_Shot_2016-12-18_at_12.13.29_PM.pngKey results are measured individually and they contribute to objective progress and measurement.  The color of the key result tells you and other stakeholders whether you're on track given the time elapsed, progress made and time remaining for completion.  It's an indication of the likelihood of achieving the result for the time period at the current course and speed of progress.  As time goes by and there is no progress or progress is slow, the key result will "age" into amber then red to identify that at current pace, it is not likely results will be achieved.

See and update all your key results from one list 

To update your key results and share progress, click the Objectives menu and select the Due for Update Now link in the side panel. On this page, you'll get a list of all your KRs that are due for an update. Enter values and comments for each KR update -- tab between fields for even greater efficiency.


To see all of the KRs you own -- including those that are not due for an update -- go to the My Objectives page from the Objectives menu.  You'll see a tab with Results I Contribute -- this is a list of all the key results you're responsible for, including those for your own objectives and those that other people have delegated.


Update your key results from this list, either one-by-one by clicking the icon at the right side of each row, or all at once by clicking the Update link at the top right of the list.

Update key results from result charts

From any Objective Detail page on the Web or iPad, below the results chart you'll see Update for key results you own. On iPhone, open the objective and tap any key results you own; below the chart click Update the team on progress.

Update key results from mobile

View and update your key results on the go using the iPhone or Android apps.


Update key results from Slack or Microsoft Teams

Ask WoBot for your OKRs, or those belonging to your teams, to get a quick view of progress. You can update key results, add them to your watchlist, ping team members for their input, or reward your team's progress towards objectives with a fun badge.

Here are some conversation starters:
Can I see my results?"
"Can I update my KRs?"
"Can I see my OKRs?"
"Can I see my team objectives?"
"Can I see my objectives from [team name]"

Update key results from Excel or Google Spreadsheets

If you already are tracking business results in an Excel or Google Spreadsheet, you can use a pre-built connector to automatically update Workboard key results from values in that spreadsheet. Learn more about the Excel and Google Spreadsheers connectors here.

Using action items as reminders to update key results

Action items are created for your updates automatically when a new objective is saved.  The action items appear on Today and This Week lists,  and they group results due on the same day into one action with a quick link to update them all.

If you don't want action items as reminders to update your key results, turn off metric update action items from the Preferences page.

Ping to request an update

Request an update for someone else's key result by using Ping -- from the leaderboard list below the Heatmap, you'll find a kebab (three-dot menu) kebab icon next to each objective in the list with Ping as one of the options.  The kebab menu options also make it easy to give a shout out to great results with a badge.



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