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Teams are groups of people that collaborate on common goals and workstreams. You can set up teams that mimic your formal organization structure, with Finance, HR, IT and Senior Leadership teams. Or you can create cross-functional teams to collaborate across departments: coordinating a new product launch, a new office branch, or an initiative to streamline internal processes. Organizations that use both types of teams are often most successful: goals and ongoing work like Tax filing or Recruiting go in the departmental teams for Finance or HR; short-term sprint teams accommodate projects like Move IT infrastructure to the cloud, or Collaborate with a new vendor, or a cross-functional Marketing and Sales funnel.

If you are an Elite Enterprise member, your teams and workstreams have already been set up for you. Anyone can create a project team and invite anyone from within the organization. We find it's best to let managers in the organization create and own the more formal department teams.

Within each team, everyone can see the activity that is shared with them, from goals and workstreams to action items. If you want to give your boss or another stakeholder visibility into your team, designate them as an executive viewer. If you want to restrict access to a particular workstream, you can manage permissions on a workstream-by-workstream basis as well.

Create as many teams as necessary to sensibly organize your work. If you find that a team has too many workstreams to navigate through, or there are too many action items inside your workstreams, it might be a good idea to spin some of those out into a new team. You can easily move workstreams from team to team or copy existing workstreams as a template.

Team permissions and roles 

When you create a team in Workboard and invite members to it, you specify each member’s permission for what they can do on that team. You can remove people from the team and preserve their activity; people can be on more than one team with different permissions on each.

Inviting people to your team

You can easily add people to your teams at any time. Choose from people in your organization who already use Workboard, or invite new members by email. You will need to select the permissions for incoming members.

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