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Team Roles and Permissions

Team roles and permissions

Every team in WorkBoard consists of a set of people who are driving the outcomes and executing on the work for that team. People can be on multiple teams in WorkBoard, and they can have various roles and permissions on each team they are a part of!mceclip0.png

Managers can see and makes changes to everything on the team, from objectives and key results to workstreams to action items. The manager is the leader of the team, and ultimately responsible for helping the team achieve the outcomes it set out to accomplish; as such, the team Manager owns the Team's OKRs, even though they rely on the entire team to help drive results. 

Co-managers have all the privileges and permissions that team's managers have. The role is designated for teams where multiple people co-lead the team, and co-own the objectives for the team. 

Executive viewers can see all the various of elements of the team, however, they can only make changes and remove items they own or have delegated. The role is a great fit for upper management who need visibility to the breakdown of the work.

Team admin should be trusted individuals who help with the team's management and administration. Team admins have OKR privileges, and as such are able to create, edit and update team Objectives and Key Results. 

Team admins can also create new workstreams for the team, and help with the adding and removal of team members. At this time, team admins can only make changes to action items they own or have delegated, but are not able to make changes to other people's workload.

A member can see the team's objectives, workstreams and action items they have been given permissions to see. They can edit or remove any action items they own or have delegated, but are not able to make changes to other people's workload.

Changing team roles & permissions

Team Members with the Manager or Co-manager Role are the only users with the ability to change the Roles of other Team Members.

Team Members who do not have the Manager or Co-Manager Role, can only View the team roster and their respective Roles. Please note that users are not able to change their own role on the team.

You can find the Team Members tab by clicking on the Teams icon from the top navigation, and selecting a specific team. The Team members tab with the roster will be the very last tab on the team's page.

The member's current role will be indicated by a link next to their name; click the link to change it.

Passing ownership of the team

To pass ownership of the team to another member, change their permission to manager. Each team can have only one manager— the current manager will automatically be given the role of a co-manager on the team. 


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