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Schedule a meeting

To schedule a meeting, click Meetings in the top navigation menu, then click the New Meeting button on the side pane. You will be asked to name the meeting, give it a description on why it is necessary, and set a date, time and location for the meeting.

At this point you can add team members to the meeting roster; start typing someone's name to add them or a team's name to add an entire team. If you like, invite invitees to contribute to the agenda by adding their own action items, goals or topics. Alternatively, you can set up a draft meeting agenda first, then invite people afterwards by clicking on the kebab (three dot) icon at the upper right, and clicking Edit. Note that email invitations to the meeting will only be sent once the Ask attendees to contribute to the agenda box has been checked.

Make a Recurring meeting to automatically keep similar agendas and takeaways in the same place. When you close the previous meeting, the new meeting will show up on your calendar.

Once you've created the meeting and invited your team, it will show up on attendees' My Work calendar as well as on the Meetings page.

To reschedule a meeting, simply go to the meeting and click on the kebab icon at the upper right, then click Edit. From here you can reset the date and time.

If you find you can't set meetings, make sure you have a Workboard Elite license or are currently enrolled in a trial. You can upgrade to Elite here.

And if you use Slack or Microsoft Teams, our friendly chatbot can help you schedule and plan a meeting directly from chat!


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