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Connect Workboard and Slack

Add to Slack

If your team already uses Slack as a communication tool, you can quickly connect Workboard and Slack so conversations flow easily between the two apps!  

Use @ mentions as you comment on action items and objectives in Workboard and they'll automatically appear in the person's Slack channel.  Use Workboard bots to get your list of the day's activities, goals or risks delivered to you in Slack; you can even turn Slack conversations into Workboard action items.

Connecting the two apps is really easy.  Go to Workboard's Preferences page, click on the My Integrations tab, and click the Add to Slack button. A Slack webpage will open, asking you to authorize the integration. Click the Authorize button to complete the integration.

Once you've integrated Workboard with your Slack, our friendly chatbot (nicknamed "WoBot") can help you view and update your objectives, check in on your team's work, see and schedule meetings, and much more, right from Slack!

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