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Align execution to objectives

Linking the team's execution on projects directly to your team's strategic objectives helps everyone stay focused on driving the right outcomes. Here are a few tips on how to best align projects managed in workboard workstreams to your objectives.

Measuring completion of work in key results

If progress on a workstream is key to achieving one of your team's objectives, then use the workstream as the direct source of data for the objective's key results. In this case you can choose whether the completion or average cycle time of work on one or more workstreams should automatically update the progress of your key results.

For example if you have a project to go live on your new payroll system involving multiple stakeholders and parties, then you might want to track the completion of the 20 or 30 actions items in a workboard workstream.

By creating a key result that is automatically updated from workstreams, the progress of the key result will dynamically update as stakeholders complete each of their assigned actions items.

Linking related workstreams to your objectives

If the current status of a workstream is related to the success of an objective, you can also align the workstream to the objective simply to highlight the relationship.

On the Edit Objective side modal, you can click on the link to Add dependencies or related workstreams. Search for existing workstreams or create new workstreams to link to your objective. 

Anyone who views the objective can click on the workstreams tab of the objective to see the completion, health, pace and status of the workstreams and understand how they impact progress.

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