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Basic, Elite and Enterprise Features

Workboard Basic is free for up to 10 members and allows managers and teams to coordinate work with one another across multiple teams and projects. Get organized with with My Work, see work across your organization with workstreams, add comments and up to 5GB of files to tasks, get weekly status reports, manage team members and integrate with other apps like Slack, Google Calendar and Salesforce. Basic for teams over 10 is $9 per user per month (billed annually).



Workboard Elite is a premium capability. Elite has all the Basic features, along with Objectives and Key Results for teams and individuals, 1on1s that enable more continuous performance conversations and meetings that reduce prep and improve follow-through.


Workboard Enterprise includes all Elite features, along with Goal Alignment and Goal Timeline visualizations across the organization, Running Business Reviews, organization administration tools, domain and IT policy support, account provisioning, enterprise training programs, concierge onboarding and centralized billing.


You can find a comprehensive comparison plan of Basic, Elite and Enterprise here.


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