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Personalize your My Objectives page

After you've set up objectives and key results, achieve and live them from the My Objectives page.  This page has all your objectives, the key results you want to pay close attention to, results you contribute, your focus streak and the conversation around your objectives.


Organize your My Objectives page

Put the objectives in the order that works best for you by dragging and dropping them. 

Pick specific key results that you want to monitor closely and add them to your personal Watchlist.  Open one of your objectives (or someone else's) and select which key results you want to monitor, then click the Follow link below the results graph.  It's a good practice to put key results your boss has delegated to you on your own Results Watchlist as well as results from your direct reports that are material to your success this quarter.   Put as many or as few as you'd like; drag and drop them into the order that suits you best.  

Key results you add to your Results Watchlist also show on your personal Running Business Review.

Focus drives results

The more focused on outcomes you are, the more successful you are.  The focus streak in the upper right of the page gives you positive feedback for focusing on objectives and highlights when you hit a target and other people give you badges on your progress.  

Tabs on your My Objectives page

OKRs I Own
See objectives from teams that you manage and co-manage in WorkBoard, as well as your personal objectives! If you manage and co-manage multiple teams, use the filter to narrow down your view!

Key Results I Update
If you are assigned key results for this period, you can see a complete set of these results here!

My Manager's OKRs
You are also able to see the OKRs owned by your direct functional manager. You will see all the objectives for the teams that they manage and co-manage.

Team OKRs tab
In addition to this, there is a “Team OKRs” tab, which will show the OKRs of functional and working groups teams you are a part of in one easy list. NOTE: This list will not show OKRs from teams that you manage & co-manage, as you will already be able to see those under the OKRs I Own tab.

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