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Heatmap: Organization progress and risks

The Heatmap page provides a dashboard of progress and risks on objectives across the organization.  The colors indicate progress on the objective and the key results and metrics.  The list below the heatmap provides a leader board you can easily scan; click into the objectives for more detail on progress.  

View the heatmap and leader board by team or by owner.  Use the filter at the top to hone your view by time period, objective status, category, individuals or teams, and so on.  If you are in a large organization, your heatmap is pre-filtered to show your peers, your boss and boss's peers, and any direct reports you may have.  Up-level or down-level to change the "zoom" or use the filter to change what's displayed on the map and leader board below it.   

From the heatmap, you can also get a quick report on the team or individual's objectives and results.  Just click any of the blocks on the heatmap.   


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