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Manage projects with workstream dashboards

Workstreams and boards are a great way to organize projects and initiatives to make sure everyone has a visual way of organizing and managing work that is spread across multiple stages.

Use the summary dashboard for an easy way to track and communicate the health and pace of projects, capture the project purpose and framework, or even to keep a running log or narrative of important project updates!For each workstream, you can set a start and end dates, and communicate who is responsible for leading the workstream by setting the workstream lead. 

The dashboard automatically captures the number of items in the workstream that are at risk, late, and in progress. However, you can also track and communicate status by changing the workstream priority from P1-P5 (P1 being highest priority), the workstream health from risk to good, and its pace from slow to fast. 

A team manager or co-manager of the team can set and manage these attributes for the team's various workstreams. Using these attributes is especially helpful if you are managing multiple projects and need a quick way to see and share status! 

Every team has a Team Details dashboard view that allows you to see a quick summary of status and progress across workstreams for a specific team. Use this view to track project status at a high level, get an overview of work distribution and progress across projects, and manage risks and late items that need your attention and. You may even want to use this page as a self-serving dashboard with management to keep them in the loop on the progress of strategic projects! 

Tip: Generate a quick executive ready report by clicking the hamburger menu and publishing the team details page. If you would like to include project narratives in your report, select the option to include Summary with Details.

If your project directly aligns up to an objective, you will be able to see the related workstream summary and attributes right from your objective by clicking on the workstreams tab of your objective. Click here to learn how to align your workstreams to your objectives! 

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