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Enable single sign-on (SSO)

A single-sign on setup increases productivity and reduces security risks for your organization.

We integrate with all Identity Providers (IDP) that support the industry standard SAML 2.0 protocol for single-sign on (SSO) including Okta, Azure AD, Ping Identity, Workspace, Centrify, Okta and OneLogin.

Enable Single-sign on for WorkBoard in three quick steps:

  1. Send us your IDP's federation metadata file (or a URL link).
  2. We use the IDP metadata to generate unique Service Provider (SP) Metadata for your tenant and share that with you.
  3. You configure an application with the provided SP Metadata in your IDP.

That's it. We recommend doing a test log-in after Step #3 to make sure that the Single-sign on on experience works as expected.

To enable SSO for your organization, please talk to your Customer Success Manager or Contact us.

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