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December 2016 Community Call

Just in time for your year-end reviews, we're rolling out Running Business Reviews in Workboard! This should accelerate insights and decisions — plus save you and your team a ton of time preparing and sitting through Monthly Ops Reviews (MORs) and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)!

In this 30 minute call, Workboard CEO Deidre Paknad previews these features from our December 2016 release:

  • The new Running Business Review and how to personalize it to manage your business segment
  • Page through your list day-by-day
  • Paste and drag images in the Notes field of your action items
  • Rearrange goals on the reports you publish
  • Include goals on 1on1 agendas automatically
  • New action item and sub item filter options
  • Performance and load time improvements

(You can also download the slides).

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