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Set up your Running Business Review

 If you are joining an organization that is already using Workboard Enterprise, your Running Business Review is a great place to get started quickly. You can easily tune into and align on the organization's objectives, strategy, and workstreams already in flight.

Activate your Running Business Review from your Preferences Page by checking "Enable Running Business Review". You can tailor the RBR dynamically to adjust your focus to what you want to see. 


The Running Business Review features a KPI dashboard that you can customize by adding key results to your Results Watchlist. Open any objective then click to the key results you want to show at the top of your RBR; below each graph, click the Follow link to add them to your watchlist and automatically include them to your RBR. You can also search for additional key results to add by clicking the plus sign.

Include OKRs and Workstreams using the plus sign; exclude them by clicking the kebab menu to remove them.  Personalize the hotbox and Today lists from the kebab (three dot) menu in the upper right.

Add charts to compare results over time. Include up to 7 metrics per chart to compare product, sales, business or team performance.

You can also publish a curated version of your RBR to print, email or Slack -- include a narrative to provide additional context.

More importantly, start using your RBR and tailor it as you go -- as you manage with data, you'll have a better idea of which data helps you manage well! 

(In addition to your personal RBR, you can also set up shared Running Business Review dashboards and invite colleagues to view or contribute.)

Watch this short video on enabling and customizing your personal RBR.

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