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Add Charts to your Running Business Reviews

Add charts to your Running Business Reviews (RBRs) to visualize progress on your key results, see trends and compare results over time. If you are an Enterprise user and don't have your RBR enabled, this article will show you how to turn it on.

To edit your RBR, click the edit icon in the upper right.

Once you are in Edit mode, click the kebab menu icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right and select "Add chart group."


Give your chart group a name, then click the + icon in the upper right to add content. You can build a chart or table using key results or KPIs from external business applications, or you can add an image, iframe, or freeform text as narration or context.


If you are creating a chart, give it a name, then select up to 7 key results you'd like to include. This is a great way to compare product, sales, business or team performance over time. Once you have selected the results you want to compare, click "Next".

Choose the type of graph you'd like to use to plot your data -- a pie chart (if you are graphing a single result), bar chart, line chart, or table -- and select a time period you would like to display. Add a short name for each result to make it easy to identify them on the chart. If you like, you can choose your own colors for each result. Click "Done" to save your settings and add the chart to your RBR. 


You can add additional charts to this chart group by clicking the + icon, and you can add additional chart groups using the kebab menu in the upper right to further organize your content.

To make edits to a chart, click on the edit icon that appears at the upper right.


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