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Sample Objectives and Key Results

Want to set some strategic objectives that provide your organization with clarity on your intention, focus and direction this quarter? Here are a few examples of inspiring objectives and quantifiable key results (OKRs) to get you started:

Executive Team

Maximize our ability to grow by optimizing our unit economics

  • $3.1M in net new ARR
  • CAC Payback Period for new business deals improves from 10 months to under 8 months
  • Improve LTV to CAC to 3.7
  • Gross margins move from 74% to 79%
  • $1.28M total MRR EOQ

Customers for Life

  • Maintain average NPS of 8
  • We meet with all 55K and above customers renewing in the quarter
  • Increase average number of users per account from 45 to 90
  • Drive gross revenue retention above 83%

We attract, retain and enable the best people to operate at their best

  • Every team has OKRs and achieves 85% of key results
  • 80% of people feel we value their growth and development
  • We achieve 90% of our hiring plan and all roles have a defined ramp plan
  • 100% of employees have 360 reviews

Unified value across customer journey from marketing, sales, product, onboarding and instrumentation

  • Develop the high value strategic use cases and embed in every function
  • 10 T1 customers actively using K2
  • 25 customers integrate product into their primary management metrics
  • 5 T1 customer testimonials published on our value differentiators
  • Cultivate 4 champions from meetings with 3 T1 strategic partners/allies and 3 T2 partners with defined next steps/plan for partnership

Corporate Dev and Biz Dev

Acquisition amplifies the success of acquired companies

  • Employee NPS is the same or better than prior year
  • No regrettable people losses
  • 80% of employees understand the strategy and are motivated by it
  • Stand alone deal cycle time is the same or faster than 4 trailing quarters
  • Developer velocity is within 10% of pre-acquisition trailing 3 quarters

Realize the business value of xyz acquisition

  • Revenue
  • IRR
  • Integration completed and available in catalog
  • 1000 sellers enabled
  • 12 new logos in energy sector on our paper

Go-to strategic growth advisor to the business

  • NPS of 9 on our market and portfolio analyses for TRM BU (they love our work)
  • Complete analysis of 10 technology companies and provide a recommendation to close the 7 gaps James identified in his AI landscape (build/buy/partner)
  • 3 of the recommendations in our growth vision deck are adopted by the BU
  • Get buy in and agreement to exploratory diligence on 2 key players in the ML/AI domain
  • Identify 20 early stage companies with disruptive innovation synergy; map a fast path to deal for each

Be the partner, investor and acquirer of choice

  • Matchmaker for 45 innovator companies not seeking funding with a Kikasko counterpart and establish 2 benefits the company wants from us
  • Reputation baseline survey of 1000 technology companies Series A through D
  • Every executive meets with at least 3 companies on our Top 100 list to build a personal relationship with the CEO/founders
  • The executive “Talk Track” is backed by at least 5 value tactics we can offer these companies

Build stronger alliance and trust with the business

  • Everyone does a 2 week rotation with their LoB counterpart
  • We are at the table in every BU’s strat planning process as partners not spectators
  • Bi-weekly huddle with VP Product in TRM BU and ACC BU so we’re dialed into the problems they’re solving


Deliver high quality, scalable solutions

  • Maintain <500 milliseconds average successful response time on server requests
  • Fewer than 15 field reported bugs per month
  • Maintain 100% uptime
  • 0 critical bugs on initial deploy of production code
  • Bug turnaround time in JIRA <48 hours

Tap into the power of analytics to create a differentiated product

  • Identify and execute 6 data science prototypes
  • Evaluate 2 machine-learning opportunities
  • 50% of team members attend a data analytics skills training
  • Run 3 data code analysis experiments

We own product delivery and we learn every time

  • 100% of releases have a retro
  • 0 customer-reported bugs
  • 0 repeat production bugs
  • 100% of code pushed to production has 95% test coverage
  • Explore 3 automations to reduce future spend

We are code ninjas that celebrate our successes and learn every day

  • Celebrate 100% of key feature launches
  • 0 regrettable losses - no ninjas left behind!
  • 2 QA hires
  • 3 social events this quarter
  • Attend or host 2 tech events

Customer Experience

Keep and expand our customer base

  • Retention forecast 70.10
  • $650K in upgrade quota
  • CX to host 5 lunch and learns between customers and developers by the end of year (day in the customer life)
  • $125K renewals MRR

Provide RevOps data and insights that move us from good to incredible

  • 100% of Rev Ops requests use Zendesk by Feb 15th
  • Define and publish Revenue Ops SLAs
  • Deliver quarterly tools usage report value survey
  • Provide a real time RevOps workstream and project intake visible to the entire company

Provide exceptional customer experience that extends customer lifetime

  • 100% of new accounts active on high-value features at least twice a week
  • At least 50% of customers use our differentiated features
  • Retention forecast accuracy within 2% of actual
  • Measure NPS of ALL customers, not just active customers, with NPS at least 6
  • NPS for cohorts onboarded in 2018 of 8

The Customer Experience team operates at its best

  • 6 new hires hit their first quarter targets
  • 5 new CSMs onboard their first account within 60 days of hire
  • Reduce average initial response time on P1 tickets by 50%
  • Hold 3 knowledge-building seminars this quarter


Enable the sales team to open, win and close more deals

  • Deliver new leads with $13m in pipeline value this quarter
  • 2 integrated campaigns to 2 target channels
  • 3k inbound leads
  • Set 500 demos

Empower our sales team with great collateral and tools

  • 6 fresh case studies added to web site
  • Deliver messaging framework and solution overview for our 4 buyer personas
  • Revamp sales collateral for every stage of the sales cycle
  • 20% increase in use of collateral
  • Host 2 sales enablement sessions

Our content establishes ourselves as the thought leaders in our industry

  • 5 blog posts this quarter
  • 10% increase in blog subscribers
  • Increase website traffic 15%
  • Hold 3 thought leadership events this quarter

We’re a passionate learning team that drives the market for our company

  • 100% of the team identifies 1 professional development skill
  • 2 people from the team present at industry conferences
  • We establish a mechanism for sharing best practices


Make our number with a diversified mix of product and services

  • $11m in US bookings for Geronimo product line
  • $3m in Wombat pipeline stage 2 or later
  • 20 Wombat committed pilots in lighthouse accounts
  • $9m in EMEA bookings for Geronimo product line
  • Every rep closes at least $750k in the quarter

Improve efficiency with a data driven approach to sales

  • Complete Salesforce cutover
  • All validated opportunities in SFDC
  • 4x pipeline coverage ratio
  • Average deal size goes from 20.5K to 32K
  • Qualify MQLs within 7 days

We are a lean mean fighting machine -- well-armed, always winning

  • Systematized measurement of demo rotations, skips and activity goals
  • Improve win rate by 10%
  • $3.1M in new logo ARR
  • $258k new MRR

We are strategic about improving our win rate

  • 20% of our demos are for the C-Suite
  • 95% of deals are compliant with pricing structure
  • 100% of sales team receives negotiation skills training
  • Every sales team member receives 2 hours of 1on1 coaching per month


Move the business into the 21st century and make employees’ lives easier

  • Touch projection available in 9 Los Angeles conference rooms
  • Shorten hardware and software procurement time from 30 to 7 days
  • 100% wifi coverage in every office – no dead conference rooms
  • Complete migration of help desk to new cloud provider

Increase our agility and ability to invest in the business by moving apps to the cloud

  • Close 3 data centers
  • Migrate 12 apps to the cloud
  • Reduce data migration time to 14 days
  • Reduce storage and infrastructure costs $4.5m

Learning is our passion and priority

  • Lunch and learns once a month
  • Each team member spends an hour a week on a passion project
  • Everyone identifies and learns one new technology, methodology or toolkit this quarter
  • We take on 2 experimental projects and share the results with the team

Be the architects of our future

  • 3 Blockchain use cases in enterprise non PROD environment
  • 4 Chatbots or NLP use cases in non PROD
  • 60% of our team can code
  • 100% of investment decisions go through a data-driven evaluation process
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