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Activate your Microsoft Teams integration

By integrating Workboard to Microsoft Teams, you and your organization can share, chat, and meet on strategic objectives and collaborate on the work to achieve key results (OKRs) in Teams with Workboard.

Bring Workboard Business Reviews and data about strategic priorities, metrics for success, and roadblocks into daily conversations in chat, voice, and video. Align and achieve your strategy with the convenience of chat.

This Microsoft video features Workboard CEO and cofounder Deidre Paknad along with customer Philipp Schett of Deutsche Telekom. See how the integration of Workboard and Microsoft Teams makes it easy to keep strategic priorities and results line of sight and to bring facts directly into your chat conversations in Office 365:

Setting up the integration

Note: It is easiest to have Workboard and Teams open in 2 tabs on the same browser.

1) Go to the Workboard Integrations page

2) Click the "Add to Teams" buttonPicture1.png

3) Select the Microsoft Teams account you want to integrate (if you have MS Teams open in another browser tab, it should pick your existing account automatically)

4) Go to your Microsoft Teams tab and click on the "Store" icon in at the lower left side of the screen.


5) Search for "Workboard" and click to install the app.


6) You can now start a direct chat with Workboard


7) You can also call on Workboard to post objectives in a chat with a colleague by clicking the "..." icon under the chat box and selecting the Workboard app.


8) From your chat with Workboard, you can also view your My Work This Week and personal Running Business Review


Learn more in this short demo video:

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