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Outlook Calendar and Email Add-on Installation

Step by Step Installation Guide for Workboard Outlook add-in for Users

Individual users can install the add-on once their Outlook administrator approves the add-in for the organization. The Exchange administrator can install and approve the add-in using the same steps listed below.

  1. Sign in to Office 365 with your work or personal account.

     2. Go to Outlook Email, click on the settings icon on the upper right corner, and select Manage add-ins

3. From the Manage add-ins page, click on My add-ins

4. Click on + Add a custom add-in and select Add from URL

  1. Copy the following URL and add it to the URL box on the pop up, then select Install when prompted


Note: Until the Exchange administrator has approved the app, users will see the following pop up if they try to add it to their Outlook instance:

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