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Outlook Calendar and Email Add-in

Have a recurring staff meeting or cross-functional task force working on a project? Schedule meetings directly in Outlook and simultaneously create structured Workboard meetings with Smart Agendas™ that have strategic priorities, OKRs, KPIs, risks and execution status on the list for discussion. 

If you are an Office 365 user, install the Workboard Outlook add-in to create meetings and actions items directly from your Outlook web and desktop client.

Create Workboard Meetings with Outlook Add-in

  1. Install the Workboard Outlook add-in
  2. Create a meeting in Outlook and invite users
  3. Click on the Workboard icon in the upper right corner to create a Workboard meeting
  4. Click on Create a Workboard Meeting. Attendees with Workboard accounts will be added to your meeting in Workboard
  5. Click View your Meeting in Workboard to jump in and start planning the agenda

Create Workboard Action Items with Outlook Email Add-in

  1. Install the Workboard Outlook add-in
  2. Open an email you want to convert to an action item
  3. Click the Workboard icon on the upper right corner to open the action item creation panel


  1. You can assign the action item, add it to a board, set attributes and even add users to the loop.
  2. Click Convert to action item to create the action item in Workboard!


The subject line of the the email will become the name of the action item. Attachments to the email will be added as attachments to the action item and content of the email will show up under the notes section!

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