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WorkBoard Jira plugin

Bring WorkBoard OKRs into your Jira experience to see the outcomes that your work in Jira drives. 

The Jira plugin will also let you see all the key results you are responsible for in Jira and source data for your key results directly from completion of work in Jira.


  • See your My OKRs page in your Jira environment
  • View and update the key results you are responsible for updating
  • Link work from Jira to key results to bring visibility into how work is driving key outcomes
  • Integrate Jira to automatically update progress on your key results based completion of work
  • See the key results on Jira issues and work that is driving progress on strategic priorities
  • Drill down from key results into WorkBoard to the bodies of work in Jira driving it
  • Query and search for work contributing to key results

The WorkBoard Plugin for Jira can be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace. Please note that there are different plugins for Jira Cloud, and Jira Server and Data Center.


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